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Shadowing with Danielle Weber.

This is a one day shadowing session where you can join Danielle on a mural.

You will be able to see first hand the processes and logistics it takes to carry out a large scale mural.

Shadowing is subject to availability and mural scheduling.

Anywhere between a 6-10 hour day. 

You may choose from the following options:

Option 1: Day 1- Set Up

  • Drawing up
  • Prepping wall
  • Learning logistics of where to start
  • Basics of murals

Option 2: Mid-mural

  • Choose to come and learn techniques at any point throughout the mural
  • Base layers with cans
  • Brush techniques
  • Using references
  • Blocking out majority of the mural

Option 3: Last Day- Pack Down

  • Final touches
  • Signing off
  • Cleaning up
  • Content creation
  • Pack down

Shadowing is a great option for those that want to upscale, gain more knowledge and invest in the growth of their business.