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Danielle's NFT Journey

Danielle Weber is an Australian artist based in Melbourne. Starting out in her studio, Danielle’s work has extended to include original pieces for a number of high-profile clients. Danielle transitioned to murals in 2014 where her style and expression evolves as she endeavours to connect with her audience by storytelling through her work. 

More recently, Danielle has embarked on her NFT journey, releasing three collections. Whilst learning more about the NFT space, Danielle has also been diving into animation, VR, augmented reality and bridging the gap between physical/digital art. Danielle prides herself on her strict work ethic and discipline, to ensure she maintains her ability to create consistently.

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Superheroes & Villains

Created December 2021 - 100% Sold

Everyday people can be superheroes when they choose to stand up for what they love and what they believe in. And while they need no costume to assume power, they look so much cooler wearing one. These 3 NFTs illustrate just that. Our collective imaginations are made to soar with Iron Musk, Super Kate, and VeePool, known personalities reimagined as heroes of superhuman capacity and even superior advocacies.

Danielle brings this super trinity together to compel and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves.

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Against All Odds

Created February 2022 - 100% Sold

Colourful and entertaining, this three-piece NFT collection inspires us to become better. With challenges that would have anyone stumped and questioning if they should carry on with life, Snoop, Tyson and Paris are able to rise with great resilience and perseverance. They are reimagined here as our favourite childhood characters that have once invited us to dream and soar.

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With personalities like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Stephen Hawking among a host of other notable figures who have made an impact on world history and society, Danielle's latest collection honours those who have inspired, innovated, and shaped human potential across eras. Exquisite in detail and original in concept, Danielle effectively depicts the genius of these timeless personalities as she immortalises their greatness on the blockchain, turning them into paragons - sources of contemplation of what the future generations should aspire to be and achieve.

This is Danielle's largest collection to date with 121 NFT's in total.

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