NFTs – Why this space?

My purpose is to inspire people to find their passions and spend their lives navigating and growing from something they LOVE. I continue to demonstrate how multi-faceted the art world is – murals, merchandise, online learning, prints, canvases, brand collaboration and now the world of NFTs! This is another platform whereby I can continue to tell stories through my work and enable my client to FEEL something and connect to a special piece of art. The NFT space is an EXCITING alternative dimension that I can also demonstrate to other artists as another opportunity to expand their craft. Endless options, the art world is limitless, and this is what I love about it! One benefit of selling digital art through blockchain technology, as opposed to more “traditional” art market transactions, is the automated resale royalties. Royalties! For many years, artists have had little or no control over the remaking and on-selling of their work. It has been a never-ending battle to receive credit and compensation where it is due and have visibility on who owns the original piece.  Giving control back to creatives is one of the most enticing factors in this space. The digital world has bridged the gap between artists and their collectors, where they would once upon a time need to engage a Gallery or middleman to complete a transaction. NFTs offer an attractive alternative to the traditional art market. It is putting money back in the creator’s pocket and adding more VALUE to the art and experience of owning an authentic piece of art. I believe this will be the way of art transactions in the future and I’m honoured to be able to experience it so soon! The ownership of digital assets provides clear proof of ownership and authorship by the artist, since the minting artist is always listed as the original owner of the digital artwork linked to the NFT. Therefore, NFTs are enticing to art lovers because their uniqueness and ownership can be verified, perfect for art collectors that desire a “one off” piece. The transparency of ownership and visibility of the entire history of the asset (when it was created, who has owned it, who has purchased it, and for how much) is something we have never seen in the art world.